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Managing risks and options with discovery Kanban

At the London Lean Kanban day last month I gave the following presentation on discovery kanban.

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Lean Kanban Europrean Tour 2012 – Resilient change

Here’s the slides of my presentations at LKNL2012 and LKFR2012:  

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Lead time, Loopbacks, Leadership and Learning – 4L root cause analysis of programme performance

Recently I was asked with a colleague to perform a root cause analysis of a large transformation programme. The expectation of the customer was not to perform an assessment of the programme against a best-practice model but really to find … Continue reading

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Discovery and the whole systems Kanban

The whole systems view and deliberate discovery The focus of Lean is on delivering value. The purpose is to deliver value for the business that pays for it. Value of the product is not in the delivery but in the use … Continue reading

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From Stocks to Flows (and from portfolio to end-to-end)

At LSSC12, Mike Burrows organized an evening meeting on “portfolio stuff” (sic). He is reporting about this on his blog. In his blog he wonders whether the name “portfolio management” is the right name as it carries the bagage of … Continue reading

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Lean Programme Transformation

Background For a while now I have been eager to look at the bigger picture of Lean and Kanban beyond the pure software development context. My inspiration comes mainly from the work of Alan Ward, Micheal Kennedy, John Shook and … Continue reading

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Using Cynefin to make sense of projects

Since a couple of years we have been using Cynefin to help our customers to make sense of the different domains of projects they are executing. The motivation for doing so, is that we strongly believe that the one-size-fits-all approach that dominates most … Continue reading

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